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Alabama Bicentennial Park commemorates Alabama’s 200th anniversary of statehood. The park’s bronze relief sculptures present sixteen moments from Alabama history, complemented by narratives that provide historical context.

Beginning with the land that would become Alabama and tracing its human history to 2019, the images and text reflect a rich, dynamic past filled with challenge, change, and accomplishment. They represent every region of the state and Alabamians of many backgrounds.


The hope of those who dedicate Alabama Bicentennial Park in the anniversary year is that generations of Alabamians will see their history reflected in the park, learn from it, and be inspired to make the future strong and bright.


 “As we stand in the shadow of our majestic State Capitol and look down historic Dexter Avenue, we must never forget

where we’ve come from nor how much progress we’ve made.”

Governor Kay Ivey, Inaugural Address, January 14, 2019

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