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Alabama's Third Century

As Alabama looks beyond its bicentennial year, the future holds unprecedented opportunity and familiar challenges. Where coal mines and cotton fields once dominated the landscape, Alabamians devise cutting-edge technology to heal the body and to study the solar system. Machines made in Alabama move people over land, across the seas, and through the skies. Our artists, musicians, and writers continue to bring joy and inspiration around the world.


The path ahead will require the resilience and cooperation that our people have demonstrated at moments of struggle and triumph in the past, as well as new generations of leaders exercising stewardship and civic responsibility to build stronger communities and a better state.


At the beginning of our third century, we dedicate ourselves to making education, healthcare, and economic opportunity available to all. We commit to protecting and preserving our natural resources and to nurturing a society characterized by respect and tolerance that allows all citizens to prosper and thrive.


Little, little can I give thee,

Alabama, mother mine;

But that little—hand, brain, spirit,

All I have and am are thine.

Take, O take the gift and giver.

Take and serve thyself with me,

Alabama, Alabama, I will aye be true to thee.

“Alabama,” Julia Strudwick Tutwiler


"Alabama’s citizens are the people of a new century. They have the honesty, the insight, and the compassion to examine their past. They have the ability to purge the bad and retain the good. They have the imagination to ask for more and the judgment to know if it has been granted.


“The past is a lesson. The present is a time for action. A better future beckons.”


Alabama: The History of a Deep South State, Bicentennial Edition


Alabamians built portions of the International Space Station. They staff the Payload Operations Integration Center in Huntsville and coordinate the station’s scientific work.

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Julia S. Tutwiler

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